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Veneers Teeth

The field of cosmetic dentistry is constantly surprising thanks to the newly found treatments and advanced technology used. Used for the repairing of different teeth problems, veneers are a popular choice for most people and sometimes chosen as an alternative to teeth whitening. Bonding refers to the application of resin onto the surface of a tooth, thus hiding any imperfections. These are two of the most important procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

The application of veneers and bonding represent treatments performed at the dentist’s office and not at home. Veneers are actually made of porcelain and the dentist is responsible of choosing a shade that matches ones teeth color. The difference with bonding lies in the material used, meaning the resinous material applied to the surface of the tooth where it adheres to the tooth’s enamel. Bonding tends to last up to several years but it is a recognized fact that veneers have an extended lifespan.

Dentists with experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry recommend veneers as a comfortable procedure, lacking complications. As opposed to teeth whitening where the stains might not be eliminated 100%, the application of a porcelain strip on the teeth will make it look like new. This is the basic advantage veneers bring into the picture and it’s no wonder they are considered as an alternative to bleaching ones teeth. Bonding is indeed similar to veneers but the resinous material used for the shaping of the teeth is not as resistant. Also, it might be important to know that the resin does not resemble the color of the teeth as much as porcelain does.

The importance of understanding the difference between these two procedures lies in taking a healthy decision for ones teeth. The application of porcelain veneers is modern and allows for a bright natural smile thanks to the material used. Bonding has its advantages as well, the resinous material being recommended for small imperfections of the teeth. Whether we are talking about a tooth that was chipped or a more serious dental problem, bonding might represent exactly the solution one was talking about. Once the resin is applied to the teeth, the dentist will use a lamp and apply a special light to the tooth in order to harden the material.

People have had problems with their teeth for many years. Cosmetic dentistry has developed as an individual branch of medicine, always producing new methods and procedures for those who want healthy and great-looking teeth. Veneers are something pertaining to the modern generation, the porcelain strips being easily applied to the teeth and even the deepest stains being eliminated. Bonding remains a preferred choice in the situation of wider stains and the dentist will point out that it is much easier to add a layer of resin to the tooth, rather than apply small porcelain strips. If you are interested in finding out more about the application of veneers and procedures such as bonding, do not hesitate to visit a specialized website. Choose cosmetic dentistry and modern medical procedures for your smile!

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