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Dental Bridge Cost

A beautiful smile wins the hearts of all. A beautiful, glowing face looks more beautiful and charming with a good smile and a complete set of teeth. But not all people are gifted with a good set of teeth. But this no longer is a problem for those who are not gifted with properly aligned and beautiful teeth as there are various new techniques invented off late to solve them.

Dental bridge is an technique used to make your smile beautiful and complete. Sometimes, due to some reasons, we suffer from a broken tooth or a missing tooth. It might be due to an accident or simply weak tooth due to germs that some of our teeth fall off leaving an empty space which badly affects our smile. For such problems, dental bridge is the perfect solution. Literally speaking, dental bridge means to bridge or close the empty gap due to the missing tooth.

In Dental Bridge, a false tooth known as a pontic is fused right in between the two porcelain crowns just to fill the area left out empty due to the missing tooth. A pair of crowns is attached to either sides of the empty space due to the lost tooth to hold the pontic from both the sides in its place. These two teeth holding or anchoring the pontic in its place are called as the abutment teeth with a false tooth or the pontic tooth. This pontic tooth is made from various types of materials like gold, silver, alloys, porcelain or a mixture of other materials.

The Dental Bridges are available in three different types.

1Traditional fixed bridge: The traditional fixed bridge is the general method where a pair of porcelain crowns is attached to the neighboring teeth of the empty space caused due to the missing tooth. The two crowns hold the pontic in its place. This simple procedure is used to hold one or more missing teeth at their place. They cannot be removed from your mouth like the removable dentures.

2Resin bonded bridges: This type of dental bridge is mainly used for the front teeth. This technique is used when the adjacent teeth are healthy and strong. The pontic is fused to a metal band hidden from view which is further bonded to the adjacent abutment teeth using resin. The procedure is less expensive than the others.

3Cantilever bridges: The cantilever bridge is used for the teeth which are not very much under stress like the front teeth. The procedure is used for those teeth which have healthy teeth on only one side of the space. Thus, firstly, the pontic has to be anchored to the side over the one or more natural abutment teeth.

The cost of undergoing dental bridge mainly depends from one person to another and also on a few very important factors. Some of the factors have been mentioned here below.

1The type of dental bridge you are undergoing.
2The number of dental brides you have to undergo.
3The intensity of the dental bridge you are undergoing. For the instance the total area.
4The locality of the place where you are undergoing the procedure.
5Finally the dentist performing the procedure.

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