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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Teeth Whiten

Teeth Whitening Gels have been proven to be one of the best chemicals to whiten teeth. Teeth whitening gels come in many different levels of concentration. Concentration levels for teeth whitening gels ranges from 5% to 36%. The higher the concentration for the teeth whitening gels, the better and quicker the results. The most popular form of teeth whitening gels is the 22% carbamide peroxide gel, which is used in most dental offices nationwide and at home individuals. The level of concentration you use depends on the level of strength your gums and mouth can handle. High levels of concentration can make your teeth very irritated. The level of irritation is the main reason why professionals recommend 22% carbamide peroxide gels. That level of teeth whitening gel is safe and efficient and in most cases pain free.

Another Form of teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide. This is the tooth whitening gel used in place of carbamide peroxide. A popular form of hydrogen peroxide is a white strip, which comes in many brands and can be purchased at any retail store nationwide. Professionals and individuals nationwide recommend carbamide peroxide over any other form of teeth whitening gel.

Whitening Gel

Do you want to have whiter teeth? There is no need to go to the dentist for this as you can get your teeth whiter with specially formulated products that you purchase over the counter. Teeth whitening gel is one of the products that can be used at home to make your teeth whiter and brighter. It is generally used overnight.

Teeth whitening can occur with many different processes. There are products such as teeth whitening gel that can be used on the teeth to make them whiter. This is not very costly and is effective over a period of time. Best of all, you can take care of teeth whitening when you are asleep. After you use the product over some time, you will start to notice a big difference.

People notice your teeth and the whiter they are, the better you look. Unfortunately, teeth tend to get yellow over time because of certain types of foods that you eat and drinks you drink. Coffee, nicotine and tea are all three contributors to yellowing teeth. In addition, teeth also tend to get yellow with age.

Getting your teeth whiter can be done at the office of the dentist, but this is costly. Insurance does not usually cover this cosmetic procedure and you have to go back and forth to the dentist for a solution that they place on your teeth or for laser treatments. Because this is cost prohibitive to a great deal of people, they often look for easier remedies that will work to whiten their teeth.

Using a product that can be purchased over the counter or online as well as one that you can use right at home while you sleep makes sense both financially as well as practically. You do not have to invest time or money at the dentist for these products that cost a lot less than any dental visit. You will start to get results after you use them for a while. It does take some time and diligent effort on your part to make your teeth whiter using these products, but in the end it is well worth it.

Imagine having whiter teeth and a brighter smile. You can do it and improve your appearance when you use products that you take a look at and purchase online or in the store. There are products such as Polanight, Crest Whitestrips and Nite White just to name a few. They work either as strips that you put on your teeth while you sleep or a gel that you apply to your teeth before you go to bed. The choice is up to you when it comes to using these products to get whiter teeth. They are easy to use and all you have to do is follow the directions in order to apply them while you sleep. You will get results if you continue to use the products on a regular basis and also brush your teeth and care for your mouth. While these products do not substitute a teeth cleaning by the dentist, they are a substitute for expensive whitening treatments that a cosmetic dentist will offer.